Britain Helps - What is Britain Helps?

What is Britain Helps?

Every day, Britain is making a real difference to the lives of people all over the world

We ensure life-saving aid such as food, medicine and access to clean water reaches the people in conflict zones and crisis areas such as Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Jordan, Libya and many more.

Britain also works to advance the security and prosperity of ordinary people in Muslim-majority countries across the world, from countering Daesh in the Middle East to supporting political stability in North Africa.

We’ll share the real stories of local people

We’ll also answer your questions.

Britain Helps is a UK Government initiative run by the Home Office, Department for International Development & the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 


We’re here to explain how Britain is helping abroad.


Our aid efforts aim to improve the lives of the most vulnerable - many of whom have lived through war, famine or displacement. 

Whether we are trying to end extreme poverty or make the world a safer and more secure place, the human impact of our work is what is most important.




We also want to hear from you.

What would you like to know about British foreign policy that you didn’t think you could ask?

How do you feel about the impact of British aid overseas?

Do you feel we’re doing something right, or wrong?

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Source: DFID Development Tracker