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How does Britain Help?

Britain leads thousands of aid and diplomatic projects around the world.
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Jobs and Livelihoods

Britain is helping people to prosper around the world by supporting individuals, nurturing small businesses and putting better infrastructure in place to provide a fairer environment.


Mohammed: Work gave me back my dignity

UK aid helped Mohammed, a Syrian refugee in Jordan, get work at a local factory. Now, he can pay ...


Ahmed: I live to help other refugees

Ahmed is a refugee and a volunteer for UNHCR helping support some of the 1.5 million other displa...


Maha: I don't have to ask anyone for money

Syrian refugee Maha now makes a living as a tailor after being trained by International Rescue ...


Amira: Married at 13 and beaten

With support from UK aid, International Rescue Committee helps Amira and many thousands of women ...


Nawal: I'm a psychologist working with refugees

Thanks to £28.3 million in support from UK aid, International Rescue Committee psychologists lik...


'It's about what happens to people in a war zone'

UK aid has supplied Gazans with emergency medical supplies, shelter, healthcare and sanitation.


New business with traditional textiles

Syrian refugees are reviving a traditional woodblock technique to make beautiful clothes and soft...


Netting a profit: Selling equipment to local fishermen

Syrian refugees are learning to make nets they hope to trade with fishermen on Lebanon's north co...


Preventing deadly disease in farm animals

The UK is supporting an animal vaccination campaign aimed at treating livestock coming across the...


Ahmed: I can now look after my family

Deaf and mute Ahmed got a job at an aluminium factory in Jordan after it received a small busines...


Helping Lebanese fishermen profit from their work

With UK aid support, these fishermen built their own auction house so they cut out the middle ma...